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The Sunrise Suns are solely supported by donations, grants and sponsorships. Your donation is Tax Deductible and goes to fund the following areas: repairs and maintenance of wheelchairs, membership fee to the national wheelchair basketball association, travel expenses (including: tournament fees, vehicle rentals for team, wheelchairs, and equipment, lodging for team, and more), marketing material, uniforms, and more.

Why we need your support

In order to play our players use specialty wheelchairs designed for the sole purpose of playing the sport. Contact between wheelchairs is unavoidable and as a result, the wheelchairs need constant maintenance and parts replacement. The most common repairs and wear & tear items are: tires, tubes, and spokes. Our next major expense is traveling to meet other teams for games, locally or statewide. Even local travel requires vehicle rental to transport wheelchairs and equipment. Out of the area travel involves: equipment transport, lodging for players, and tournament fees.

Who can help us

Anyone can help our team by making a donation as small as $5 as an individual. We encourage business and corporate donations. Our largest donors will be recognized on our marketing material and our website.

Thank you for your support

Sunrise Suns 2013-2014 Team

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